Sidewalks by Fred Gutzeit


This is not quite an accurate reverse chronology of my work-"Dogs" should be here, but, let's do "Sidewalks" now. Going "back to nature," is a way to "refresh" painting. I need something in the world to (concrete object charged with feeling?) paint. But in dealing with "Art," how it's painted and "painting ideas" are the name of the game. Sidewalks: an important idea in art was "Flatness." This was how I could be "with it" (abstract?) and realistic (representational/ "Concrete"). Yes, I called my "Sidewalks:" concrete abstractions. The truth is I had been painting things found on sidewalks (crushed can, broken glass, a sitting dog...). An art dealer on looking at these paintings said: "why don't you just paint the sidewalk."

    • Sidewalk Morning Light

    • 1974, Acrylic on Canvas
    • 46 x 36 inches
    • Sidewalk New Dawn

    • 1974, Acrylic on Canvas
    • 46 x 36 inches
    • Sidewalk Transformation

    • 1976, Acrylic on Canvas
    • 72 x 72 inches

Solo Exhibitions

Group Exhibitions

  • 2017, Jefferson Market Library, New York, NY

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