Nature-Landscape by Fred Gutzeit


Sitting in nature, painting on location (pleine aire), for me at the time was to observe/study/record. Only late in the 10 years that I dedicated to "outdoor" painting, did I invent or distort. Then it got to be time to take "nature into the studio." Finding "my spot" was like my earlier experience in finding an object (discovering/tripping over it) to paint. So what I saw in a particular location in the Catskills (sometimes the Adirondacks) became my motif that I would come back to over maybe years (Parkers Falls, Barbara's Falls, Giggle Hollow).

    • Tom's Brook Rocks and Water No.1

    • 2006, Watercolor on Paper
    • 16 x 12 inches
    • Barbara's Falls - 3T

    • 1999, Acrylic on Paper
    • 34 x 34 inches
    • Paker's Falls - 4M

    • 1990, Watercolor on Paper
    • 23 x 17 inches

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