Machines-Objects by Fred Gutzeit


One night on my way home walking down Broadway, I came across a discarded time clock (without a case, just the machine)-the kind that was used for clocking in and out of work. It sat in my East Village apartment for months. I had no idea what to do with it. I finally moved into a "real loft" that I could use as an artist studio. In the apartment, I tried to paint but couldn't really come up with anything. I had brought the "machine" to the loft as it sat there, I thought. I felt: why not paint IT...paint it just the way it was! I didn't need to invent or create or interpret anything; it was all right there in the "machine." Even though at the time, I was a "youngster," but had been trying to paint for ten years-this was MY FIRST PAINTING! It felt right.

    • Time Machine

    • 1969, Oil on Canvas
    • 66 x 51 inches
    • Discarded Time Clock on Window Shade

    • 1973, Acrylic on Canvas
    • 77 x 64 inches
    • Discarded Time Clock No.1

    • 1964, Oil on Canvas
    • 40 x 30 inches

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